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About us

We are a brand dedicated to providing High Quality, custom made products guaranteed to last for years to come.

Our Simple Goal

Master Woodworker Steven Young created Springfield Wood Art with the simple goal of providing individuals and families with the opportunity to have quality custom-made exotic wood pieces that are not only show pieces; but also functionally designed to handle daily use.

Our Customers are our Why!

Our customers needs are the driving force behind everything associated with Springfield Wood Art. From the initial ideal conception to applying the final coat of finish, the art of furniture making is one of passion, love, patience, skill, and problem solving. Hours are spent ensuring that each piece of work is well designed, constructed with quality materials, and functionally built with our customers in mind. To us, a piece’s function is equally as important as its construction and beauty. Additionally, we want to leave our patrons with the assurance of knowing they have a piece that was uniquely designed and will meet their individual needs. With that being the case, no two pieces are the same. Each piece has its own identity and appreciation.

The Story Behind The Name

The name Springfield Wood Art pays tribute to Springfield, Arkansas. A small farming community located in north central Arkansas. It is the birthplace of Steven Young, Springfield Wood Art’s founder, woodworker, and primary designer. Growing up in Springfield, Steven learned the values of faith, family, hard work, individual responsibility, valuing people, and community. These would become the basic tenets used to build Springfield Wood Art. As a little boy, he was always curious about how things worked and was interested in working to fix and build things around the family farm. His curiosity often resulted in him getting into a bit of trouble with his mother and other relatives. This curiosity, along with not having the financial resources to purchase art pieces he liked, led him to grow an interest in woodworking that was planted in high school but later grew as he got older.

Springfield Arkansas sits along a route of the Western Cherokee territory in their relocation west of the Mississippi River. The National Road, from St. Genevieve, Missouri, was routed through the area. These roads connected the area with developing population centers. Much like the town of Springfield, Springfield Wood Art uniquely designs pieces that allow people to connect with each other during family event and social activities.

Meet the Visionary behind these wonderful Art pieces

Owner Headshot

Steven Young

Owner and Artist

“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men….” Proverbs 18:16

This verse, from the Book of Proverbs, sums up Steven Young, the founder and Master Woodworker behind Springfield Wood Art. Steven began exploring the art of woodworking thirteen years ago and decided to turn his gift into a business so he could better share his talent and gift with the world. To maintain and ensure high quality, Steven hand selects all the wood used in the making of each product offered at Springfield Wood Art. He has developed strong relationships with US-based suppliers who practice environmentally sustainable harvesting techniques. Steven grew up in Springfield, AR and completed a Bachelor and Master’s degree at Arkansas Tech University. One of the core values that drives him is the desire to be an example to others who are seeking ways to utilize their talents and gifts to better humanity. Ultimately, he strives to position Springfield Wood Art as a beacon of hope to others struggling with questions regarding how they should use their talents and gifts.


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