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Care Instructions

Proper Care will help your board last a lifetime

Please follow these instructions of care for your cutting board or butcher's block.


Use hot water with a small amount of soap to scrub the surface, do not saturate your board with water. Wipe excess water off with a paper towel and allow your board to air dry standing up or on a wire rack.

Wood cutting boards have been shown to be naturally resistant to bacteria, for extra protection you may wipe down your board with white vinegar to clean any stains and to disinfect. If your board needs disfecting, simply mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water to clean the board.

You never want water to permeate into your board, this is why you should NEVER put your board in the dishwasher or leave in standing water. Always allow for maximum airflow around your board while drying and always wipe down with a dry towel.

Only treat your cutting board or butchers block with an FDA approved oil food-safe mineral oil, butchers block conditioner, or bees wax (can be found at most big box retailer and online). Whenever your board looks dull or dry in places, you will need to treat it with oil. A well-oiled board will be easier to clean and be less likely to absorb water or odors or dry and crack. 

If your board ever feels fuzzy or rough in spots this is caused by water penetrating the wood and raising the grain. I try my best to counter this by wet sanding every board before you receive it. If this happens to your board you can easily knock it back down to a smooth surface by lightly sanding it with 320 grit sandpaper or by rubbing the affected areas in a circular motion with a brown paper bag lubricated with a light coat of board cream.

After much use your cutting board may show knife and wear marks. If you would like to have your cutting board restored to the same condition as the day you received it please contact me and I will refinish it for a small fee. I can also restore any old wood cutting boards you may have and a price quote will be determined based on the condition and size. 

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