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Why Should I Purchase an Epoxy Resin Board?

Before we discuss the many benefits of epoxy resin boards, I want to first provide a brief definition of resin boards. In a nutshell, a resin board is a board built with the use of epoxy resin or some other form of hard plastic. In most cases, when you see the words resin boards, you can more than likely assume the reference is to charcuterie boards built with epoxy. Once hardened, resins are perfectly safe, including food safe. However, I don’t recommend cutting on resin because you risk creating unsightly scratches in your board and the potential growth of bacteria that’s collected due to repeated cutting. Epoxy can break down over time with knife use and chip or splinter when used as a cutting surface. The cuts and scratches can usually be repaired using water and extremely find sandpaper or micropads, plus buffing with wax. I realize this may lead to questions and concerns regarding investing in a resin board. However, once cured, they are safe for use in any home. Additionally, the resin boards created by Springfield Wood Art are 100% food safe. However, I’ll repeat my “do not cut” recommendation. In addition to resin boards, epoxy has many uses in the kitchen; including tumblers, cutting boards, countertops, coasters and knifes. Resin can complement any type of wood. In my opinion, the more character wood has, the better resin will compliment it. But somewhat plain woods can benefit from being partnered with resins and be elevated with a creative use of resins and color pigments.

Charcuterie Board

I’ve had the opportunity to utilize several resins in my workshop. Some of the brands used or tested include: West System, Total Boat, TFGCI Super Clean, MAS Deep Pour, and Pro Marine. Additionally, I’ve tested several resins that were recommended for tabletop on deep pour projects and found that with a bit of patience, trial, willingness to accept risk, and good weather, you can actually achieve great results regardless of the project and pour depth.

Charcuterie Board

I completed my first resin project over 10 years ago. That was before resin became the “in” thing. With a bit of trial and error, and willingness to learn, working with resins can be a rewarding endeavor – or a great investment and addition to any home. For someone new to resins, I would advise, resins are costly. With that being the case, always measure your projects to get an accurate estimate of how much material you will need. Second, although resins can be used with any wood-type, I prefer live-edge. There is just something amazing about the interaction of live-edge boards and resins. Every home needs a resin board, not that standard white one – add a bit of color!

Charcuterie Board

Let’s discuss the benefits of owning a resin board. First, the color options are endless, allowing the boards to be a great conversation piece at your next party or family get-together – covid will not last forever, so start planning your next family get together. Second, they make great gifts of any occasion – birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or you just want to get a gift for someone special. Since most resin boards include wood, you have a dual function item – the wood portion can be used for cutting meats and cheeses, while the resin section can display your fruits, veggies, jellies and dips. One other key benefit is how easy it is to clean and maintain the board. All you need is a bit of soap and water to clean and a little mineral oil to maintain. Periodically, you may have to buff the resin.

Let me hear from you. Do you have a resin board? If so, how satisfied are you with it? Was it an item you purchased? Or, was it a gift? Based on your experience, would you purchase another one for yourself; or, as a gift?

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